A fully equipped facility plus advanced proprietary machinery

Droitcour Co.'s spacious facility in Warwick, Rhode Island is where the engineering magic comes to life daily. Our production floor features some of the most sophisticated equipment available today as well as our own proprietary tools, allowing us to offer an expansive range of primary and secondary machining capabilities for military, commercial, and industrial applications. From short runs and prototypes to made-to-order parts in high volumes, all machining is performed under the watchful eye of experienced operators and quality inspectors.

The Most Sophisticated Equipment Available

Multi-Spindle Screw Machine

17 Conomatic, 6 & 8 Spindles Capacity through 1.626"

Single-Spindle Screw Machine

13 Brown & Sharpe, #00, #2, and #3 Capacity up to 2.375"


7 Cincinnati #2, Centerless 8" Wheel 3.000" capacity

1 Brown & Sharpe Universal 1440U Grinder

1 Norton Cylindrical Grinder

1 Droitcour Cylindrical Grinder (high accuracy)

3 Surface Grinders

1 Rush Tool Grinder

Chucking and Bar Machine

1 Hyundai 6000 max. rpm 1.625" capacity

CNC Machining Center

2 YCM GT-250, CNC Lathe, 2" Capacity

1 YCM XV-1020A (4 axis, CNC Machine Center)

1 EuroTech Elite Trofeo B481-SY2 (11 axis, turn/mill center)

1 EuroTech Elite 735 SL-Y (6 axis,turn/mill center)

3 Citizen L20, CNC Swiss Machine

2 Howa MSN-500-VCJ, CNC Machining Center

1 Matsuura ES-450H CNC Machining Center

Second Operations

Drill, Tap, Ream

1 Lewis Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser


20 Delta Drill Presses

1 Delta High Speed Precision Press

2 Custom Multi Drills 6 and 4 Spindle

Injected Metal

2 Fisher Injected Metal Assembly Machines


9 Bridgeport Vertical Mills

1 Cincinnati 0-12 Mill

Burnishing Honing

1 Cogsdill Automatic O.D. Burnishing Machine


1 Haskins Air Controlled Tapper

2 Procunier Attachments

Quality Control and Engineering

1 Mitutoyo MiStar 555 SMS Smart Measuring System

1 Zeiss SURFCOM 2000SD3 Contour Record Machine

3 Deltronic/Micro Vu Optical Comparator, 14"

1 Federal Air Gauge for I.D. Gauging

5 Federal Pocket-Surf Profilometers

1 Rockwell Hardness Tester

2 SolidWorks 3D CAD Station

1 AutoCAD Inventor 2014 Station

4 AutoCAD Stations

1 Hydraulic Test Station 5000 PSI 20 GPM

Special services, such as plating and heat-treating, are also available through our network of outstanding local subcontractors.


Our state-of-the-art machine shop (coupled with extensive engineering experience) can improve product performance, reduce cost and improve value to your customers.